Any direction you turn within the continental United States, there is major catastrophe taking place.  While some are displaced from their homes and trying to figure out how to start the rebuilding process, others are waiting to see what the next storms leave behind.  As we speak ACTS teams are mobilizing efforts for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief where many teams are already providing resources and their service to help displaced residents starting from the neglected Corpus Christi and Rockport area all the way up the coast line to the Louisiana border.  Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ to the least, the last, and the lost.

Along with the many fires in the North and West, we now have the largest Hurricane on record to ever turn the waters of the Atlantic that has already crushed islands and is heading straight to Florida.

We are calling on you and the rest of our ACTS responders who have been trained or served in times past to step up and join the operations currently in place.  ACTS is a network of like-minded believers all around the United States and now, more than ever, is the time to ACT.


team and resources

We are going to need various team leaders and servants along with resources and base camps to provide the maximum effort we can to these hard hit areas, as the Holy Spirit Leads and in His Strength.  Pray to see if God would lead you to help in these areas:

  • Base Camp Leader (locate and establish base camps)
  • Team Leader (mobilize teams to various locations)
  • Servant Responder (join existing teams already mobilizing)
  • Logistics (Truck resources to base camp)
  • Resource gatherer (Gather needed items to ship to disaster areas)

Then the disciples, each according to his ability, determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling in Judea. Act 11:29 NKJV


Currently Serving in Baton Rouge
Although there are still many more homes to clean out that we still need teams for, we have homes that are beginning to be dried out enough to be able to rebuild, thus we need even more teams that can include skilled and unskilled.  Skilled being, framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall hangers and finishers, flooring and finish workers.  If we could communicate together on these areas we should be able to organize things in such a way that teams could be joined together (as dates allow) to make a larger impact with the time we have on each site?
As would be expected, we have a huge need for materials and supplies too, so donations of funds and/or materials are also needed.


100% of funds will go to disaster relief efforts.

1) Pray for the people of Baton Rouge effected by the flood.
2) Pray for the ministry workers and the efforts in bringing relief and the gospel to the hurting.
3) If you would like to help disaster relief efforts in Baton Rouge you can give here:

Click below if you would like to donate funds

to ministry teams who need help in Baton Rouge.


100% of funds will go to disaster relief efforts in Baton Rouge.

Action Crisis Teams (A.C.T.S.) is a nationwide network of like minded believers, led by the Holy Spirit, coming together to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to those in need.

Our Mission is: To minster the love of Christ to the least, the last & the lost.

Our Vision Statement: E3

                                    E1ncourage E2quip E3ngage

Hurricane Matthew
Please lift the east coast in prayer.  Praying for safety and for His Holy Spirit to give guidance and divine appointments with the people in these areas.  Also for provisions for teams to be sent out.


100% of funds will go to disaster relief efforts.


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In contact with churches in N. ‪#‎India‬ , that we have had years of ministry with. Some of which have ministry ports in ‪#‎Nepal‬ … If the LORD opens doors for ACTS we will deploy. If you want to support local churches in their relief efforts you can right now using the “donate” tab. 100% of these funds will go to Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort.   Please keep them in your prayers. 


Next we went to Iowa in June/July. God lead our assessment team to the Calvary Chapel in Coralville, IO. We worked with them and a couple of other ministries to empty/demo the ground floors in 3 low/no rent ministry owned apartments. We had teams from as far as San Diego, CA, Mechanicsville, VA and even a few from Sarasota, FL. Once again, God’s love was shared and it was reported that some even gave their lives to Christ because of the work and care that was given.

5 of us went to Winfield MO and the surrounding communities.  These are very small communities, several hundred people makes up the whole town.
We met a group called Operation Blessing and worked with them.  They were wrapping up there time there and we joined in their final week of work. 
Most of the work was 4′ gut and debris removal. 
One day there was a mass effort from the Home Depots in the surrounding areas (within 100 miles).  They brought in about 125 people and we divided into teams and worked on about 40 houses that day. 
A lot of the Home Depot people were not Believers so it was good to work along side them and engage them in conversation.
Mickey Cline & Jim Lindeman were 2 of the people we helped that I was able to get pics with.
At first the people in the community didn’t seem to want much help but every morning we would have a devotion and pray for opportunities to express Christ to  the people.  By the end of the week we were very much accepted as a part of the community.  The Calvary Chapel there in Winfield was the hub for rescue efforts in the weeks prior to our arrival.  PTL for their new building (purchased just before the flood). 
Each night we would sit around and discuss what the day had been like.  The time together really helps us get to know each other.
Kim Lambert went with us on her first trip and she had the opportunity to talk with many of the women we were helping.  She felt like she needed to be gutting houses but her work was far more important than clean up.  She was talking and praying as well as hauling out sheetrock.  A great time of growth for her as well as comfort for those she spoke with.

Early in September a team of two left Dallas with a cook trailer headed to Baton Rouge, LA to help feed a church full of evacuees that had been left without supplies or electricity from Hurricane Gustav. There were many obstacles getting there, but God was faithful and in His time got them there safely. Once they arrived, the folks in the church had been cleared to return home and start cleaning up what was left. God opened another door right across the street to help feed and distribute supplies. Over 600 hot dogs were donated, cooked and given out. God also chose to use us to hand out over 100 donated bibles and pray with many of those who needed to hear from Him. It was an incredible opportunity to share His love as God provided.

As we were working in Baton Rouge, Hurricane Ike began to build in the Gulf of Mexico. We returned home and regrouped. We waited to see what the damage path was going to be from the 600 mile wide storm. After it passed, our assessment team left Dallas and headed to Houston. There was amazing amounts of damage as you can imagine. We started our assessment at Calvary Chapel Houston. There were a few Calvary Chapels already there. They had moved over from working in LA from Gustav. Praise God for His provision. Samaritan’s Purse was coming on scene and the massive cleanup operation had already begun. Feeding, cleanup, and most importantly God’s love was flowing form the church parking lot. We began working to get more support sent.

Our assessment then lead us to the Port Arthur/Beaumont area. God allowed us to be in the right place when a family came looking for milk to feed their two babies. We heard of a call for help on the radio from a small community called China, TX. We left camp and traveled through more debris and destruction on the way toChina. When we got there, there wasn’t much to find. It was a very small town BEORE Hurricane Ike came through. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, we were able to find the voice that called for help. God lead us down a county road to an elementary school that had little to no supplies to sustain the people left in the storms wake. As we began to pray, He began to provide. Within 48hrs, food, supplies, even dry ice began to roll into town. A team from Vancouver, WA began moving forward to come and help feed the people of this small town. We were blessed to hear that they were warmly welcomed and were able to love on these people as God has called us to do. God provided food, shelter and everything needed.

In October, we went to another small community called San Leon, TX devastated by Hurricane Ike. Over a month after the storm, the town was still trying to deal with debris. Several Calvary Chapels along with other ministries from around the country began working all around the small fishing community sharing God’s love and spreading the gospel by cleaning up what the storm had destroyed. We worked out of a small Baptist church that was a huge blessing. By our actions and examples of faith and love, a new fire was kindled in the church. It was a real blessing to see.