Action Crisis Teams (A.C.T.S)

Acts 11:29 “The disciples, each according to his ability, determined to send relief to the brethren..”

Community Focused

We are willing to help. From cooking for the local police station, cleaning up debris, or comforting someone hurting, we are there in the midst and ready to serve.

Volunteer Supported

We have a network of volunteers with all different skillsets and passions. Each team is unique and can make a difference in how we help the community.

Biblical Foundation

In all that we do, we seek to share the love of Jesus. We pray for ways to meet practical needs and are continuously amazed at how Jesus works all of it together.

Our story

ACTS is a non-profit organization that offers humanitarian relief to those affected by natural disasters. We have helped over 100 families recover and rebuild their homes, and we want to reach so many more!

It started with a small group of volunteers with a passion for helping others. Which then grew into a full-time ministry with a training program and teams from throughout the United States. We have deployed teams in Hait, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisianna, Nepal, and more. The unfortunate fact is disasters will continue to happen and affect around 26 million people a year. We want to do our part to make a difference!

Ways to make a difference


Learn how to prepare for a natural disaster. 

Discover resources to learn about the disasters in your area, tips on how to respond, family plans, and an emergency supply list.

Join or host an ACTS training conference. 

The training conference will cover a leadership course, Chaplin course, and servant responder responsibilities. Contact us to join or host a training conference at your local church.


Donations directly support communities in crisis.

We are a non-profit organization and rely on your generosity to respond to disasters. Every donation funds supplies, food, water, and anything else the community may need.

Thank you for helping us spread hope.

At the center of it all, we want to leave an eternal impact on those we meet. By supporting us, you are supporting our mission to share the hope and love of Christ.


Join our growing network of volunteers.

When you join our network, you are simply saying that you are willing to help. When disaster hits, we establish a base camp, email our volunteers, and build a team from those who can respond.

We need help in all areas of the ministry.

We need servant responders, logistics coordinators, resource gathers, blog creators, and more. Reach out to see how we can use your unique skills to help!


A simple act goes a long way. 

Sharing with your influence can connects us with hundreds of new people!

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Take a look at what we've been doing.

Read about our current needs, our past missions, or latest stories.


FROM ACTS HQ (EOC) Any direction you turn within the continental United States, there is major catastrophe taking place.  While some are displaced from their homes and trying to figure out how to start the Read more…

Storm Relief

Storms recently brought tornados to Oocee TN, Athens TN, Whitwell TN, and Rosalie AL.  Please pray for the folks in these areas and for relief efforts. 100% of funds will go to disaster relief efforts.

Baton Rouge

Currently Serving in Baton Rouge Although there are still many more homes to clean out that we still need teams for, we have homes that are beginning to be dried out enough to be able Read more…