Pastor’s / Ministry Leader’s Letter

Dear Pastor/Leader,

Thank you so much for your interest in ACTS disaster training. Since the horrific events of Katrina and Rita we have found the need of an organized and multi-church effort to offer a greater span of availability and service to those affected by disaster. From that time, we have witnessed the growth and organizational development of FEMA and the requirements needed to serve in disaster areas controlled by FEMA. We have found ACTS to be an answer in training, credentials, as well as, an organization recognized by government agencies. We are diligently working on building a network of believers to serve in disaster relief. The relief is only temporary, but the love of Christ is eternal – so this is why we are coming to you.
What are we asking of you and your Church?
We recognize you are already incredibly busy and the idea of “taking on” a new ministry can often be a burden. We would like you or your delegate to just be a point person in making the announcement to your fellowship in the time of need. We know if you send out the call for help your congregation will answer. It may not be for the entire congregation, but we recognize the 1-15% (sometimes more) of believers in churches want to respond in crisis situations. We want to be able to call on you or your delegate to send the message out in a time of need.
What does it take to be trained?
What it takes to equip your church is simply hosting a training conference. A basic conference is 1 1/2 days, but the training can be tailored to meet your needs.
What is offered in the training?

  • Servant Responder Course
  • Basic Chaplains Course
  • Basic Leadership Course

As this ministry is designed to serve in disaster, several churches have also found the trained servants to be very diligent in helps ministry, police and fire chaplains, leadership and available servants in any time of need.
What happens after your Church is trained?
We need one leader to act as the coordinator of your fellowship either you or your delegate. They will serve in
1. Additional trainings, as you see fit.
2. Can spearhead “helps ministry” for your fellowship
3. If the LORD leads us to a “Mobilization”
a. We will contact this coordinator, at that time all necessary information for “Deployment” will be given.
b. We will serve as a trained disaster relief team, to ministry the love of CHRIST.

Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or my admin assistant Marie at 972.516.2287 /

Eric Coburn, Pastor
ACTS Coordinator
972-516-ACTS (2287) /